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It is a known fact that we all generally worship Vastu Purusha on occasions of beginning of 

Construction of the building, laying foundation of the main gate and at the time of entering the building since we believe that there lives Vastu god in every piece of land irrespective of the size and nature of the land. 

There is a story in the scriptures about the existence of Vastu god in the land. It is said that as a result of the battle that took place between the demon Andhakasur and the lord Shankar a few drops of lord's sweat fell on the ground which in turn resulted in the birth of a horrifying, huge humanlike figure. On seeing the emergence of such a satanic figure, all the gods were scared and approached Lord Brahma and prayed him for safety of their lives from the mighty and ugly horrendous figure. Lord Brahma exhorted the gods to fling the demonly horrendous figure on to the earth with it's face downwards. All gods followed the lord Brahma's instructions immediately and felt relieved from the worries. However, the demonly figure in turn prayed Lord Brahma saying that he was part of their universe and his body too belonged to his authority and the Gods therefore cannot throw him to the earth for no fault of his. He then prayed Lord Brahma to do justice to him and also proposed him as to how he can help the gods, his tormentors and promised lord Brahma that he would be prepared to make every sacrifice that he may be required. Immensely pleased with the prayer and on considering the plight of the demonly figure, lord Brahma blessed him thus:" since all the gods have started dwelling in your body, let them remain be seated in different parts of your body with all their affinity. From now on you will be known as Vastu god — Vastu Purusha — and all the people on the earth will worship you before embarking on any type of construction: be it any kind of township, pond, lake, fort, house, palace, etc., and those who do not worship you will meet their doom."

 Every human being on earth is accordingly obliged to worship Vastu Purusha before embarking on any structure. Vastu Purusha is lying in each bit of land in the following position. As blessed by Lord Brahma, a number of gods reside in the body of Vastu Purusha. Lord Mahadev is seated in the head portion, Jaya and Adithi on both shoulders, Apavatsa on the heart, Lord Brahma on the back slightly above waist and so on. 

As stated above, worship of Vastu Purusha is normally done on three occasions — before embarking on any structures, laying the foundation for the main gate and before entering the premises on an auspicious day and time. Vastu shastra is for the welfare of mankind and have to be followed properly for preventing any damages which may have to be encountered on account of not adhering the Vastu principles. 

The fundamentals of Vastu shastra are mostly based on the effects which are created on the earth by the planet Sun. Vastu Shastra tenets are based on five elements and in accordance with the position of gods ruling the direction so that the occupants live in peace and harmony — with nature and heavenly powers. The plans for the proposed building should be prepared taking into account the Vastu principles and after testing the land as prescribed in Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu principles are based on five elements viz Earth, Water, Ether, Air and Fire which are abundant on earth as also in universe. These five elements did exist as part of the ancient Vastu shasra as they are today. Adherence of Vaastu principles in construction of any buildings have found such buildings to be sturdy and have withstood the test of times and have remained intact — even today. For instance, Pyramids built in Egypt thousands of year ago are still intact. Some of our temples which have been built long long ago are still strong and have survived and withstood the vagories of the nature. Infact Vasu Shastra has manifested itself freely in our temple structures. The notable ones are: Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Tirupathi Venkateshwara temple, Ujjain Mahankaleshwar Temple etc. 

Vastu shastra principles give importance to the eight directions viz , East, West, North, South, South-East, South-West, North-East and North-West as these directions regulate the positive and negative energies and each of these directions are ruled by Gods and Planets. It is, therefore, necessary to follow the Principles of Vastu Shastra for the well being of the owners/occupants of the buildings be that for residential or commercial purpose. 
- Keshav V. Morab

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