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Optimum use by dividing larger rooms



Optimum use by dividing larger rooms
An unwieldy large, living space could be aesthetically, innovatively and unobtrusively partitioned for varied uses that individual rooms could have offered.

At times, people are perplexed over what to do with the large room in their house. The spacious facility there should be utilized to a varied and maximum usage. A spontaneous idea emerging out is to put up a temporary partition in the middle, so as to split the room into two. This simple solution with numerous artistic variations and creative diversities, but all with the common accomplishment of putting up a partition will lend the most elegant and contemporary touch to the entire milieu.

An easy way to demarcate spaces in a large room would be to simply make use of the available furniture itself. If a living-cum-dining room is already in existence, the living room furniture could be used to define the living room space – The sofa set could just be placed in such a manner that its back faces the dining room. A storage unit is a very popular method of dividing a large space. A unit that has open spaces and which can be used from both sides will be very ideal. To uplift and enhance lights could be added.  Storage units are a very clear way of demarcating space and since they come in different dimensions and one can buy one that is most ideal and suited for the available space.

Since historical times, screens have been used to create private spaces and now-a-days enormous variety of screens are available in stores and suiting every level of budget. Some of the attractive and beautiful options can be selected from hand painted screens made of canvas fabric, silk and jute. These varieties come with added beauty of getting a borned with sequins and embroidery. Another method of creating the notion of partition is by suspending items from the ceiling.  Odd items like bells, beads, metal strips and shells could be suspended in a string, which will form an aesthetic curtain.

Some create a division in larger rooms by using or placing unusual objects.  A couple were using a four-foot canoe in their living room. This serves two purposes. The curiosity it arouses becomes the interesting topic of conversation with those who converge there and simultaneously it is, effective in its function too. For persons who like plants, placing them inside can create a pleasant, refreshing and bringing-in-nature ambience. Adding a stray collection of pebbles, proper lighting and setting of candles, will certainly transform the somber ambience into a small oasis of greenery quite in the middle of the living room.

Use of glass for forming partition is a modern option.  Pebbled partition could be tried where pebbles are placed between two sheets of glass. Even going in for a low wall or ledge and growing plants over that would be an alluring alternative. Glasses could also be used in the form of blocks and stain glass is also good for this purpose. The additional advantage in using glass is that is gives an illusion of space.

If the interior already possesses and reflects ethnic décor then clay blocks or red bricks can be artistically used for separating the room for varied uses. But whatever the method one chooses to create a temporary partition, it should be ensured that one is able to see bits of the other room, rather than blocking it from view completely. This sort of partitions reflecting both transparency and translucency, creates a feeling of space and allows the commingling of different elements of nature into one organic blend.

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