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Identifying a suitable property is that the opening taken towards the acquisition of a property. When finishing identical, documentation is that future and extremely necessary reality. 

Mode of tax

Previously, documents were prepared on the stamp paper issued by the government. Department. when the ‘Telgi Scam’, usage of the stamp papers was prohibited in Karnataka. Now, a papers or Rs a combine of document sheet that's issued by the department of 

Registration is most popular. regarding taxation, it's to be created either by suggests that of Pay a pay order / Demand Draft or Banker’s Cheque in favor of the concerned Sub-Registrar. The Registration charges, either by suggests that of a DD or cash, should be submitted to the concerned Sub-Registrar. The most points of the tax and registration charges are entered by the Sub-Registrar on the reverse side of the sale deed.

The beginning

The documents contain several distinct elements. The name and description of the documents is that the first, among the documents. This offers a general indication regarding the character of the document. However, contents are the foremost necessary issue to form a call the character of the document. The date and place of the execution of the document is that the beginning of the document. The date of the documents may dissent from the date of registration. The documents are given for registration within four months from the date of execution. However, the date and place of execution is extremely necessary for the aim of deciding the limitation and jurisdiction.

The ‘Preamble’

The Preamble reveals the history of the property, the nature of the dealing and so the intention of the party. The previous history of the property is established, by an advocate, from the Preamble.

Operative portion

The operative portion of the document states the character of event, on whether or not or not it's an absolute transfer or an agreement to transfer the proper, title and interest, the thought paid, mode of payment of such thought and balance owed, if any. The length of the completion of event need to be mentioned clearly. The covenants of the vendor, referring to clear and marketable titles, are a really necessary side for the transfer.

Default clause

In case of a default among the payment or non-performance of the opposite party, remedy to be taken, should be processed among the document itself. In case of delayed payment, what is the share of interest owed or damages owed to the other party or the modes to terminate the agreement simply just in case of breach, need to be expressed clearly. Just in case of non-performance, execution clause needs to even be closed among the document. The clause is healthier to be incorporated among the agreement.


Possession is that the foremost necessary ingredient of the event. The time of delivery of possession need to be clearly and specifically mentioned. It ought to be noted that the seller needn't provide the possession of the property to the shopper on the execution of the agreement or on [*fr1] payment. Possession should air completion of the sale methodology and receipt of the whole thought amount once execution of the conveyance deed


Location and description need to contain the total live, the municipal vary, street, road, with complete and proper boundaries and properties shut the property in agreement to be sold-out. It needs to in addition embrace the globe, floors, type of constructions and materials used among others. The main points need to be thorough so on verify the property clearly as Section 21 and twenty two of the Indian Registration Act makes it necessary to disclose the most points.


At the end, the document need to contain and endeavor that the executants is linguistic communication the documents before the witnesses. The witnesses, who sign up the document, may or may not grasp the contents of the agreement. The non-testamentary document need to be written by an Advocate or commissioned documents author which they need to register identical.


Preservation of the initial document is that the foremost important side as a result of it's an proof of ascertaining the possession of a particular person and case of his death, for his or her legal heirs. If the initial document is misplaced or unavailable , it'd seriously have an impact on the title of the property. it ought to be probable that the property documents are pledged with some cash institutions by suggests that of deposit of title deeds. It’s higher to laminate the documents and preserve them in safe custody.


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