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Thematic Interiors

                                            Thematic Interiors


When a single and specific theme or concept emphasizes the interiors of a home, they turn to become thematic interiors. There are different elements used in the process of decorating thematic interiors, and each one of the elements essentially helps in the form and function of the desired theme to create an uninterrupted conceptual flow. The Theme could either be consistent for the entire house or could vary from room to room.

If one single concept could be the common theme for the entire house, it could look monotonous and repetitive, So to avoid that, it is usually recommended that one opts for different themes for different rooms based on comfort and convenience. For instance, one can select a rustic theme for the living room or the bed rooms, but have a modular kitchen and bathrooms with vitrified tiles because of their functionality and ease of maintenance.

The Living room in a house is considered to be a formal area where one entertains the guests. Therefore it is natural that the guests could gauge the concerted and complete personality of the entire house just by observing the theme used for decorating the Living room. Depending upon the personal likes and individual tastes of the occupants, the themes used at the Living room could be Local, English or American.

For instance, if an ethnic Indian theme is wished to be highlighted, then accessories like brass inlaid solid teak or rosewood furniture, low divan style seating and bamboo chics instead of curtains could all be incorporated. The ambience could be further accentuated by placing electric lanterns, hookahs, jhoolas, urulis or even real life bullock carts if space permits as design elements in the room. The colour scheme here would most definitely be earthly greens, maroons, browns and mustards. Extra show pieces showing apt luxury would be bright coloured mirror works, throw cushions, or chics in pochampalli patterns. To consummate the ethnic look in total, one can even get mud cladding done of walls, with matchstick drawings. 

If an English cottage theme is wished for, one can go for white or natural rattan furniture interspersed with plenty of wrought iron and clear glass, with frilled floral curtains. The colour scheme here could be checked patterns in royal blue and yellow, with wooden flooring in white cedar, oak or pine. Plenty of fresh flowers in pristine white porcelain vases, and a curio shelf with small objects of décor would complete the cottage theme.

Since apartments usually come with a living-cum-dining concept, in most of the modern day houses the dining area is an extension of the Living room. The theme and the colour scheme used in the Living room can hence be extended to the dining space as well. 

So if one has an ethnic theme, one could go in for a solid hardwood six-seater or an eight-seater dining table and chairs with intricate inlay work. Or alternately a very low dining table can be tried using chowkies or wicker mats instead of chairs.
Master and Guest Bedrooms

Of all rooms, the bedroom will be the coziest and private of the places. The primary importance is given to comfort. Whatever be the theme, this aspect has to be considered. If the Moulin Rouge theme is liked and wanted to be highlighted, then the bedroom could be done up in fuchsia pink bedspreads with matching sheer or lace valances as window treatments. Even one could go in for a four-poster brass or wrought iron cot and it could be upholstered with a canopy and lace curtains. To complete a romantic picture, soft rugs, lots of throw cushions and soft lighting could be added. 

It will be comparatively easier to find themes for children's bedrooms. The available space is the main yardstick for following and experimenting with any theme. The fuse of bright colours is always recommended for the healthy and overall mental growth of a child. One can play around with a variety of themes like an aqua theme, a jungle theme, a sky theme, or a space age theme.

If an aqua theme is intended to be installed, one can create the illusion of an underwater world through the use of green and blue colours, colourful cut-outs of aquatic animals, carpet like a seabed and a bed that resembles a ship, wall to wall posters of the sea, ships or the shore, lamps made out of sea shells and conches, and an actual illuminated aquarium can add the required special effects and also heighten the aqua theme.

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