Monday, 8 February 2016


Criminal cases relating to Customs, Central Excise prosecutions, Prevention of Corruption Act, white collared economic offences including the offences against the State such as defined in Indian Penal Code. Negotiable Instruments Act, Private Complaints like Domestic Violence Act, Women Harassment Act, Defamation Cases etc.,
We are also specialized in obtaining Bail and Anticipatry Bail and appearance before the Magistrate Court till Supreme Court for defending the interest of litigant. We are also conducting the criminal trial and quash petitions and appeals before the appellate courts

An agreement between two companies from different countries or two countries for mutual help is known as Joint venture. Joint Venture is an agreement for mutual help and benefit. It is a type of partnership between countries at international level. Joint means together and venture means project.
  • Match Making
  • Joint Venture Options & Planning
  • Drafting Joint Venture
Contracts & Agreements
  • Incorporating company, subsidiary, or joint venture
  • Corporate Structuring & Tax planning
  • Cultural Training
  • All other requirements in Outsourcing.

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