Wednesday, 6 January 2016


The Income charge Ombudsman Guidelines are presented with the target of empowering the determination of objections identifying with open grievances against the Income Tax Department and to encourage settlement of such dissensions.

The Ombudsman should be free of the locale of the Income Tax Department. The workplaces of Income Tax Ombudsman should at first be situated at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Luck now, Bhopal and Kochi.

Grounds on which dissension can be documented:
A dissension on anybody or a greater amount of the accompanying grounds affirming lack in the working of the Income-charge Department may be recorded with the Ombudsman:
(a)Delay in issue of discounts past time limits recommended by law or under the pertinent guidelines issued now and again by the Central Board of Direct Taxes;
(b)Sending of envelopes without discount vouchers in instances of discount;
(c) Non adherence to the guideline of 'First Come First Served' in sending discounts;
(d) Non affirmation of letters or archives sent to the division;
(e)Non up-dating of interest and different registers sre prompting provocation of evaluates;
(f)Lack of straightforwardness in recognizing cases for examination and non correspondence of purposes behind selecting COl the case for investigation;
(g)Delay in arranging instances of interest waiver;
(h)Delay in transfer of amendment applications;
(i) Delay in offering impact to the redrafting orders;
(j)Delay in arrival of seized books of record and resources, after the procedures under the Income-charge Act in admiration of the years for which the books of record or different reports are applicable are finished;
(k) Delay in allocation of perpetual record number (PAN);
(l) Non credit of assessment paid, including charge deducted at take! source;
(m)Non adherence to endorsed working hours Income Tax authorities;
(n) Unwarranted inconsiderate conduct of Income Tax authorities with evaluates;
(o) Any other matter identifying with infringement of the authoritative guidelines and handouts issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes in connection to Income-charge organization.

Methodology for recording the objection:
Any individual, who has a grievance against the Income-charge Department, may, himself or through his registers approved agent, make a protestation against the Income-charge official in keeping in touch with the Ombudsman.
(a)The dissension should be properly marked by the complainant and his approved agent, if any, and might state unmistakably the name and address of the complainant, the name of the workplace and authority of the Income-charge Department against whom the grievance is made, the truths offering ascend to the protest upheld by reports, if any, depended on by the complainant and the alleviation looked for from the Ombudsman;
(b)A grievance made through electronic means should likewise be acknowledged by the Ombudsman and a print out of such protest might be tackled the record of the Ombudsman.
(c)A print out of the protestation made through electronic means might be marked by the complainant at the most punctual conceivable open door before the Ombudsman steps for mollification or settlement.
(d)The marked printout should be esteemed to be the grumbling and it might relate back to the date on which the protestation was made through electronic means.

No dissension to the Ombudsman might be continued pending unless:-
(a)The complainant had, before making a grievance to the Ombudsman, made a composed representation to the Income Tax power better than the one whined against and either such power had rejected the protest or the complainant had not got any answer inside of a time of one month after such power had gotten his representation or the complainant is not fulfilled by the answer given to him by such power;
(b)The protestation is made not later than one year after the complainant has gotten the answer of the division to his representation or, on the off chance that, where no answer is gotten, not later than one year and one month after the representation to the Income Tax Authority.
(c)The grumbling is not in appreciation of the same topic which was settled through the Office of the Ombudsman in any past procedures regardless of whether got from the same complainant or alongside anybody or more complainants or anybody or a greater amount of the gatherings worried with the topic;
(d) The protest is not silly or vexatious in nature.
No protest should be made to the Income-charge Ombudsman on an issue which has been or is the topic of any procedure in an advance, correction, reference or writ before any Income-charge Authority or Appellate Authority or Tribunal or Court.


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