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Bangalore Development Authority has become hyperactive and has been distributing the sites in large numbers. Naturally the people are eager to know the methodology adopted by BDA in allotting the sites. This write up gives the broad outlines of the procedure followed by BDA.

Bangalore Development Authority (allotment of sites) Rules 1984 govern the allotment of sites. These rules are periodically modified. Whenever authority forms an extension or layout; offers the sites in such extension layout to the general public, wide publicity will be given mentioning the location, number, area, and last date for submission of applications. The details are also published is not less than three newspapers of Kannada and English, which are published from Bangalore having wide circulation.

Authority is empowered to set apart, 40% of the sites to economically weaker section at 50% of the value of the sites; out of this the 15% of the sites are reserved to schedule castes, 3% to schedule tribe and 2% to the schedule tribes and remaining sites to economically weaker sections. BDA may also allot sites on lease basis to educational, religious, charitable institutions, which are registered under societies registration act, or Trust for public purposes. But such allotment should not be more than 5% of the total site area in each layout. Further sites reserved for civic amenities, public parks and playgrounds cannot be allotted in such manner.

Only the persons who have registered their names on payment of prescribed registration fee are eligible to apply for allotment of sites. The registration fee at present is as follows: -

 Area of the site in sq. mtrs                         Registration fee
a)350 and above ...                                       Rs. 2,000/-
b)225 above but below 350                            Rs. 500/-
c)Below 225                                                  Rs. 100/-

If the applicant withdraws the registration the registration fee paid less 10% will be refunded to the applicant. Registration once done is valid for any subsequent attempts. In case the applicant dies after registration, the spouse, of the deceased applicant is entitled to apply for allotment. If the spouse is not alive the dependent children, will be deemed to have registered area have right to apply for allotment. The registered applicant or his legal heirs have to apply for allotment of site in prescribed form (form II).

The applicant should also remit 12.50% of the notified cost of the site along with application as initial deposit. The initial deposit payable in case of Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, area backward tribes is 5%.The correctly filled application along with initial deposit should reach the authority before the time fixed for receipt of such application. The BDA notification generally informs the mode of paying the initial deposits, by remitting to certain banks. The completed application forms may also be handed over to the specified branches.

In case the application is pending with BDA for allotment and the authority invites applications for further sites, the applicant should again apply in form II (A), but there is no need to pay initial deposit.

Only a person who is major, and a resident of Karnataka for not less than 15 years prior to the date of registration, and who or whose family members does not own a site or house on Bangalore, or not allotted any site or house by BDA or Housing Co-operative Societies is eligible to apply.

The requirement of 15 years residence in Karnataka is subject to relaxation in case of persons who are residents of Karnataka, but being employed in armed forces serving outside Karnataka; have gone out of the state for employment, higher education, but have bonafide intention to settle in Bangalore metropolitan area. BDA may also waive this condition with the prior permission of the government, in case of persons who have achieved outstanding performance in field of art, science or in any other field.

The allotment of sites to different segments of society on percentage
basis is as follows: -
a) Backward tribes - 2%
b) Scheduled Tribes - 3%
c) Scheduled Castes - 13%
d) Members of armed forces Ex-servicemen, and members of the families of     decreased servicemen - 10%
e)State government employees - 10%
f ) Employees of central government public sector undertakings, statutory bodies owned or controlled by state or central government - 8%
g) Physical handicapped - 2%
h) General public - 50% Persons who have outstanding achievement in this field ego Arts, Science, Sports - 2%

If sufficient number of applicants are not available in category A the balance sites will be transferred to category B, then to category C, and then to category H (general public) likewise in the absence of sufficient number of persons in category E, F, G, H, the balance sites will be transferred to category H (general public). The word outstanding achievements is defined as achievement at state, national, international level, where an award or a medal is preserted by the authorities duly recognized by state or central government.  


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