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Drafting of Sale Deed is not a simple assignment. Parties of both the vender/s and the buyer/s are to be secured. Important Clauses to be contained in Sale Deed are as follows; 

Details of the parties, for example, name, address, age and name of the father or spouse of the parties; 

If one of the parties is a minor, name of the Guardian represents him. For the most part the minor is Represented by the Natural Guardian. 

The instance of spiritless bodies, for example, firms, organizations, HUFs and so on., subtle elements of the approved persons approved to speak to such bodies; 

Details viewing in the matter of how the seller has obtained property and his possession and title; 

Details of development installment if any made and method of installment of equalization of offer thought. 

Acknowledgement of receipt of development and the deal thought by the vender 

The certainty of giving over of unique reports of the property alongside conveyance of ownership to the buyer. 

Indemnifying the buyer if there should arise an occurrence of deformity in the title of the seller. 

Authorization letters issued by the vender for transfer of water, power meters; 

Details about execution of General Power of Attorney if any executed by both of the parties. 

Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the dealer and the buyer if the deal thought is more than rupees five lakhs.


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