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Enlistment of any report goes about as notification to the overall population. However the enlistment of the considerable number of records isn't obligatory. The exchanges of Property Act 1882, the Indian Registration Act 1902 has made the enlistment of beyond any doubt reports compulsory, others nonobligatory. 

Section54 of Transfer of Property Act 1882, says that offer of stabile property worth of that is 100 rupees or extra should be enrolled. In the event that the value of stabile property is a littler sum than 100 rupees, the enlistment of offer deed isn't mandatory. However this can be for instructive hobby singularly, since, the value of any stabile property will be commonly more than 100 rupees. Indeed, even the value is a littler sum than 100 rupees; it's well that the deed be enlisted. 

Section107 of Transfer of Property Act 1882, recommends that, rent of stabile property "from year to year" or for a term uncommon one year or saving a yearly lease ought to be done singularly by enlistment. The expression from year to year alludes to interminable lease from year to year, that is, wherever the proprietor hasn't any decision to end the lease at the tip of the year all of a sudden. 

So also the expression, "holding yearly leases" infers that the lease has no unequivocal sum, however the yearly lease is chosen. The word yearly infers that the lease should run year once year or at least over a year. All in all any lease in much more than year and higher than should be enlisted. 

Section17 of Indian Registration Act 1902 manages the archives that needs enlistment obligatorily. 

1.A record of endowment of stabile property: Gift as everybody knows about, is given in thought heart and warmth and no money related believed is concerned. Subsequently any blessing deed paying little mind to the value of the gifted property wants enrollment. 

2.All non-testamentary records: 

a)Which produce interest, right, title in stabile property the value of that is more than 100 rupees? 

b)Which smothers (crosses out) any right, intrigue title inside of the stabile property worth of that is 100 rupees or extra for blessing or future? 

c)Which proclaim, appoint, utmost or cutoff the interest, title, right in stabile property, worth of that is 100 rupees or more? 

3.All non-testamentary reports that recognize the receipt or installment of any idea because of the exchanges relating right, title, enthusiasm inside of the stabile property. 

4.All non-testamentary records exchanging or task any announcement or request, recompense of a court, that affect the interest, rights and title in an exceedingly stabile property the value of that is 100 rupees and higher than. 

The reports could deliver, douse, dole out, announce, point of confinement or breaking point the interest, right title inside of the stabile property for the present or for future, however in the event that the value of such stabile property is 100 rupees or extra, the deed should be enlisted. 

Indian Registration Act engages the legislature to excluded the enlistment of any archive of lease the measure of that doesn't surpass 5 years and yearly lease doesn't surpass fifty rupees. 

Be that as it may, it conjointly gives partner exemption, that such unregistered reports is likewise gotten as proof in an exceedingly suit for a chose execution underneath Specific Relief Act or as proof of part execution of the agreement according to Section 53A of Transfer of Property Act 1882 or in the other joined gathering activity, not should have been be experiencing an enlisted instrument. It's eternity well to enroll any report joined with stabile property on the grounds that it makes a changeless record, that territory unit reflected in encumbrance declarations. Any such enrolled reports have higher worth of evidence than unregistered archives.

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