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The Registrar of the Co-agent Society has wide power according to the different procurement of the Maharashtra Co-agent Societies Act. On the off chance that the Registrar is happy by insightful fluctuated archives of the general public that the administration of the general public is not adjust then he will delegate Administrator to deal with the undertakings of the general public. The Registrar can designate a request officer if the administration of the general public is not working appropriately.

1. Under Section 77A the Registrar has energy to choose a substitution Committee or Administrator once there's an inability to choose part to speak to board.

2. Under Section 78 the Registrar has energy to dispose of the overseeing Committee or the individuals from the overseeing Committee.

3. Under Section 79 the Registrar has energy to implement execution of commitment.

4. The Registrar has force of seize records of the Society.

5. Under Section 81 the Registrar has energy to choose an Auditor to review the records of the general public.

6. Under Section 82, the Registrar has energy to guide the general public to correct the imperfections inside of the records.

7. The Registrar on receipt of grievance or all alone will start partner degree request underneath Section eighty three.

8. The Registrar will nutiate activity underneath eighty eight to survey harms against reprobate promoters.

9.The Registrar has power underneath Section eighty nine to summon and uphold going to of any individual and inspect him on vow or certification or by authority record or to urge the gathering of any report inside of the same way, as is given to the Civil Courts underneath the Code of Civil Procedure 1908. The Registrar has energy to inspect the working of the Society underneath Section 89A.

10.If the gathering is oppressed by the decision of the Registrar or its subordinate then a procurement exists for amendment application underneath Section 145 of the Act before higher power i.e. Joint Registrar of Co-agent Societies and even before the State Government underneath the said Section 154.

Charges gathered by a Society
The allocation of the offer of each part towards the expenses of the general public might air the ensuing premise:-
1. Property charges: As mounted by government office on the reason of the rateable worth of the level/shop per sqft and may be gathered subsequently. In the event that the capital toll is gathered by the Authorities independently in appreciation of each level/shop no charges should be gathered by the general public.

2. Water charges: On the reason of aggregate range and size of the gulfs gave in each pads.

3. Regular Electricity charges: Equally for all pads.

4. Commitment to Repairs and Maintenance of the Building/Buildings of the Society: At the rate mounted at the general Body now and again, subject to the base of 0.75% each year of the improvement cost of each level for meeting costs of customary ceaseless repairs.

5.Expenses on Repairs and Maintenance of the hoists of the general public together with charges for running the lift: Equally by every one of the individuals from the building inside which lift is given, paying little heed to the very certainty regardless of whether they utilize lift or not.

6. Commitment to Sinking Fund: As gave underneath Bye-laws No.l3(c), at the velocity set at the meeting of the general Body, subject to the base of 0.25 % each year of the advancement cost of each level, together with the proportionate cost of the area.

7. Administration Charges: Equally isolated by the measure of pads/shops/unit.

8. Auto Parking Charges: At the pace mounted by General Body of the Society at its meeting underneath the bye-laws No.84/85.

9. Enthusiasm on the Delayed installment of charges: At the basic rate not surpassing 21 % altered under Bye-laws No. seventy two to be recuperated from defaulter individuals.

10. Reimbursement of the Installment of the credit and intrigue: the quantity of each portion with enthusiasm as mounted by the subsidizing office.

11.Non Occupancy Charges: according to the bye-laws No.43(2)(iii)(c), the individuals might pay non inhabitance charges to the general public at such rate as is set by the meeting of the general Body of the general public, non inhabitance charges shouldn't be more than 100% of administration charges.

12.Insurance Charges: The settled space of each level, gave, if there's expansion inside of the protection premium as a consequence of putting away a particular stock in any level, utilized for modern reason, the extra weight of installment should be shared by those that are dependable such expanded premium in extent to the developed territory of their pads.

13. Lease Rent: The planned up space of each level.

14. Non Agricultural Tax: The planned up space of each level.