Wednesday, 13 April 2016


                                       GREENERY FOR HYGIENE


There is nothing like a splash of greenery to beautify your interior and exterior space. Your home or office environment will be better off with some green plants to reduce the effects of pollution and to give healthy air, rich in oxygen for your lungs. This will not only be conducive to overall health but will help to improve your complexion by giving a glow on your face. Psychology has proved that looking at greenery improves the mood and reduces chances of depression. 

You don't have to worry if you don't possess a vast, spacious garden. You can even work wonders with greenery in a small space and a small home provided you exercise your imagination a little.

 If there is a small ground in front of your home, fill it with fertile soil and plant some varieties which will not grow too large or occupy much space. You can do this with the help and advice of a gardener or a nursery. The terrace or balcony is also a suitable place to start a small garden. An afford-able piece of sculpture inter-spersed with some potted plants would be ideal. Keeping a floor lamp there will add to the effect. 
A paper lantern could be hung above the plants from the ceiling. On the other hand if your house has a small backyard, you could make a row of cuttings with plants in them. 
You may be thinking that you just don't have the time or the space to look after any plants. In that case you could just make a corner decorated by a small sculpture in a niche with an elegant overhead lamp or painting on the wall. If you find it impossible to obtain green "plants or if you are not at home for long periods then dried ferns and flowers can be used in a tiny corner. There are also some plants that can subsist for long periods without water and these could come in use to you. 
It could be that you can't find even an inch of space in your house or balcony for keeping plants. The window sill is the best place then to have some slow growing small plants. In such homes hanging plants can enhance the space in the entrance or balcony. These may be overhead or hanging from the railings by a firm support. Small desktop plants can be ordered from a nursery to place on a study table or kitchen counter in homes cramped for space. 
A terrarium is a garden which requires a zero level maintenance after installation. It is very decorative and is usually found in large homes. However if it is only a small area, it can be used in small homes too and is like a small self-contained garden These are bottle gardens but are not the same as money plants or other plants growing out of a bottle. It consists of a plant or several plants along with the supporting soil growing in a small moist place enclosed in a glass container. You could make use of an old aquarium or a glass pitcher with a large opening for it. Plants of small foliage which are slow growing and thrive in such a space like ferns, small palms, ivies, crotons, begonias etc could be tried. Avoid flowering plants Go ahead and experiment with greenery in your home and soon every small or large space will come alive with beauty and new life.

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